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Hello Everyone!

Updated: May 16, 2019

Hello everyone and a huge welcome to my new blog where I will talk about all things to do with your house, your home and help advise how to #style it up to suit you.

I will also share ideas on DIY, #crafty #creative challenges and how to create that perfect space on a tight budget. I will talk through how I've #interiorstyled my home and the highs and lows that the challenge creates, from the knuckle biting stress of it all, to that enjoyable finally finished feeling! So watch this space for more articles over the next few weeks and months.


For now though, here's a little insight in to moving fireplaces and filling empty spaces in the sitting and dining rooms in my new home.

I always knew the white plaster fireplace, seen below, had to go as it was a reproduction with little value and just didn't suit my style. I then spotted the wooden fireplace in the dining room and had the idea of moving it from the dining room in to the sitting room, as seen above. Luckily it was an easy fit and we didn't need to move the surround, or any of the brickwork, but be sure to double check measurements in your own home before making any drastic changes!

I also have large collections of books, objects and photo frames, so used the brilliant Lahart Carpentry, based in West London, to design some bespoke built in shelves to house the alcoves on either side of the fireplace. At the time I was 9 months pregnant, and had a 2 week window to fit and paint the shelves and low and behold they were ready on time.

The fire never worked in the dining room and I am not a huge fan of an empty fireplace which just gathers dust, so after moving the fireplace, I had the idea of simply filling the hole with drawers, (well again Lahart Carpentry did the physical work) giving me more wall space above to hang pictures (see below for before and after) and useful storage for all the dining room tableware, candlesticks and more.

Out with the fireplace and empty hole...

...and in with the new drawers and gallery wall!

If you have any questions about anything you see above, drop me a line and check back soon for a post on how to hang those gallery walls and where to begin buying art for your growing collection.

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